Comforty (PL)

HOUSE refers to the comfort zone, a place of retreat and amenity. This is the concept, which initiated a system and collection of cozy, timeless and highly comfortable seating. 

Designed as versatile seating solution, HOUSE offers a striking simplicity, thanks to the assemblage of its two contrasting elements; a soft voluminous seating area, and a flexible and light backrest. Filled with soft and cozy arm- and backrest cushions, it offers an ergonomic comfort with compact dimensions. 

Accessories such as a usb/electrical port can be added, affixed to the main sub-structure beam of the sofas. 

HOUSE comes in two backrest heights. The high-back sofas create a discreet and acoustically sound lounge for the office space, whilst the low-back versions are perfectly suited to both private office or public spaces. The sofas offer two leg options; wood or steel can be chosen in order to answer and better match the chosen environment. 

An additional full block version (from the floor up) gives yet another choice; its stronger proportions further emphasizes the softness and volume of the design.


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    Wooden and steel framework, upholstery, textile
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