St-Kilda (BE) 2019

Initiated by young Belgian chef, Milan La Roche whose passion for cooking started at an early age, St Kilda is foremost a meeting place around a generous cuisine. True to the image of the three friends favourite quarter of Melbourne, St Kilda offers a down to earth food while still being unique and creative. All locally sourced and seasonal ingredients, Milan takes his kick from cooking daily finds with an instinctive approach.

Milan called upon designer Sylvain Willenz to design the interior of his restaurant and open kitchen. To facilitate the daily orders and restaurant needs, Milan and Sylvain decided to create two equal spaces, the kitchen and the restaurant, divided by a counter and a large shelf filled with plants. The greenery would create a sort of jungle in the middle of the space bringing freshness and creating a welcoming atmosphere. A particular focus was given to creating a practical kitchen for the cooking team, visible to the customers so as to be part of their culinary experience.

The chosen materials were ceramic tiles, raw steel and granit. The small restaurant accommodates 25 persons. The furniture has been thought about in order to be flexible and can be adapted to the changing daily needs. The furniture and lighting are designed by Sylvain. The specifically designed fully surrounding curtain enables entirely closing the restaurant, and blown glass lighting bring a cosier atmosphere at times, and a touch of sophistication to the evening meals or private events. It is with a pragmatic approach and a careful attention to aesthetics that Sylvain and his team have managed to create a restaurant with a raw and yet sophisticated charm.

St-Kilda (BE)


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