LAYERS booth and brochure
Tal (BE) / Joli (BE) 2016

Booth and brochure for the LAYERS collection for TAL and Joli, designed on the occasion of the 25th Biennale INTERIEUR Kortrijk (BE) 2016.

LAYERS is a joint collaboration between Belgian companies TAL, JOLI and SYLVAIN WILLENZ DESIGN OFFICE.

TAL, producer of technical architectural lighting, and JOLI, who specialises in residential furniture, teamed up with Sylvain Willenz in order to create two collections which could co-exists under one name, yet be linked specifically and independently to each brand’s catalogue.

The LAYERS collection of lighting and furniture share common design features, defining itself through a welcoming language, carefully considered proportions and forms, and the use of advanced technologies. Colour and material combinations, from classic black and white, to accents of brass, copper, aluminium, linen and leather, reinforce the sculptural qualities of the collection whilst setting them as classic, timeless pieces. 

The chairs designed for JOLI are constructed from subtly cut and folded sheets of aluminium, whilst the legs of the TABLE share a similar silhouette and fold. The LAYERS furniture bears Willenz’s unique graphic and progressive design approach.

Lighting devices for TAL, ranging from residential to contract applications, also feature a leaf-like sheet overlay and make use of vanguard LED lighting and manufacturing know-how. This results in functional and versatile designs, each offering different levels of flexibility, such as light beam adjustments and effects, optional backlighting and cluster arrangements of lamps.



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