Fresh (BE) 2016

Established in 2007, formerly as "Fresh Kicks", the store has increasingly built its reputation in Brussels' streetwear landscape. The shop has been designed to reflect a clean and elegant urban aesthetic, by juxtaposing raw materials such as its rough brick walls, with new and fitted, clean-lined features, such as the fitting room, the furniture and counter.

Emblematic designs and products all originating from Sylvain Willenz Design Office have been selected to complement the shop’s timeless and elegant atmosphere - TORCH lights are installed in the windows, the ingenious BRACKETS INCLUDED have been used to present shoes, DUSK lights give a warm general glow to the shop, whilst SLICE technical spots give accents and focus lighting throughout the space.

The shop has been refurnished with a completely new granito floor. Modular and movable concrete blocks are used to present products and clothing. These can be moved around, arranged differently, changing the appearance of the shop according to the year selling events. A large and central concrete island in the middle of the shop features leather cushions for customers to sit on.

The fitting room houses more of Sylvain Willenz’s products, notably the ALAKA hooks, the SHADOW mirror, a custom-made PROFILE Bench and  a curtain designed from the RAZZLE DAZZLE textile collection.

Rue du Midi, 57
1000 Brussels Belgium
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Fresh (BE)


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