SPOT light
Victor Hunt (BE) 2012

SPOT lights evolved from the idea of reinterpreting the classic white glass globe into a playful, colourful and graphic new suspension light. During the glassblowing process, transparent and white spheres are rolled onto thin and small glass filaments of various colour tones, which then stick to the sphere. The glass is then blown into a conventional wooden mould and the filaments stretch, creating random graphic patterns as well as optical and lighting effects. SPOT lights come in four different finishes. Available with complete light fitting, adjustable in length, including a stainless steel cable system and ceiling rose. Developed with Cirva (FR).

Ø40 cm
Blown glass
'Ice' / white with transparent aggregates, 'Stracciatella' / white with black aggregates, 'Cup Cake' / white with colour-mix aggregates, 'Liquorice' / transparent with black aggregates
Limited Edition


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