ALAKA collection
Retegui (FR) 2015

ALAKA is an elegant collection, stripped of any ostentation, through which the use of bevelled edges and rounded angles impart a light softness to marble.

Flexibility is the central theme for the shelves and coffee tables. The basic structure comprising a wooden ladder-like structure is available in different heights and widths providing the possibility of numerous layouts and combinations. The length and height chosen can change the nature of the system with shelves becoming a line of adjoining furniture or a coffee table. It is also possible to choose a combination of different coloured marble or to accentuate tint unity. The curved shape of the hangers, made possible thanks to CNC techniques, gives the marble a feeling of suppleness. The use of bevelling throughout the collection echoes the profile of the ALAKA shelf structure giving it an additional defining feature. FABRIKA is an archetype, that of the craft. With this item, Sylvain Willenz seeks to represent Retegui Marble Works in a simple yet graphic way. FABRIKA can be used on a desk and be used as each person sees fit.

Reflecting elementary elegance, marble is combined with glass and mirror in proportions that create an overall striking graphical effect. The basic shapes of the ALAKA mirrors become unique and fluid thanks to the obliquely cut edges. This bevelling glides around the glass and continues its route along the marble ridges. State-of-the-art CNC technology enables all the details, cutting and assembling to come together with extreme precision. 

Retegui (FR)
Marble, wood


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