January 2016

Guest of honour at BAD

Sylvain has been invited as guest of honour at BAD, the Belgian Art and Design event to be held in February 2016 in Gent. A custom installation will feature a selection of Sylvain's works. 

For its opening edition, BAD has invited Belgian product designer Sylvain Willenz as its first guest of honour, giving him the opportunity to create a space presenting his works. The installation features a selection of recent production, focusing on Willenz’s elegant and graphic approach to design. Products celebrate materials such as wood, marble, glass and leather, amongst others. The display showcases collaborations carried out with Belgian companies including Objekten, Durlet, TossB, Wildspirit, Victor Hunt, and several international clients such as Hem (DE), Menu (DK), Retegui (FR), Chevalier Edition (FR) and Established & Sons (UK).


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