October 2016

ALAKA mirrors, Silver Edition Exhibition, INTERIEUR 2016

ALAKA mirror is part of the TLmag Silver Edition & Silver Guide 2016 exhibition. TLmag’s ‘diamond cut’ dymaxion is put into dialogue with the Silver Lining Interior concept – curated by Office Kersten Geers David Van Severen in collaboration with the graphic design Joris Kritis and the artist Richard Venlet – of this year’s event. 

ALAKA mirror is exhibited with others 25 designs – lighting, furniture, finishes, and accessories by cutting-edge creatives, recognised for their innovative concepts and culture of creation – in ‘all silver’ environment. Enhanced by the visual qualities of reflection, iridescence, and optical effect, this showcase is brought together thanks to scenographic elements designed by Abet Laminati.

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