Acanthe Fleurs (BE) 2017

Interior design for ACANTHE FLEURS, a florist based in Uccle, Brussels. Originally established in 1938, the new owner, Johanna Van Daalan wanted to highlight the beauty of flowers and the art of bouquets and asked SYLVAIN WILLENZ DESIGN OFFICE to design her new store.

The shop was entirely refurbished and designed to reflect the spirit and the aesthetic of the modernist buidling it is held in. The space is divided by textured glass held within steel frames, which evoke scenes inside a greenhouse. The floor was replaced with concrete. Modular and movable steel presentation modules can be arranged in the space to hold buckets of flowers or new window installations. The counter and the working area have been unified through the use of unique jade-green enamelled tiles, which set a quiete, relaxing and natural atmosphere towards the back of the shop. 

A selection of products designed by Sylvain Willenz, such as the U-SERIES U7 chandelier, STANDARD and SLICE have specifically been chosen for their appeal in the project and in the building. 

Acanthe Fleurs
Chaussée de Waterloo, 1065
1180 Brussels Belgium




Acanthe Fleurs (BE)
Spaces Installation, Lighting


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