Durlet (BE) 2018

A fluid and graphic line composes the design of DUNE. Its organic shell, houses rounded seating elements and varyingly sized cushions. Gentle lines and organic forms meet robust and solid volumes, elegantly raised from the ground, atop linear and steel feet, which give a sense of lightness to the volumes.

The various elements allow for a wide range of arrangements, from classic sofa typology to rounded corner L-shaped layouts, with options such as chaise-longue. The backrest can be continuous or interrupted, in order to create either intimate areas, or open viewpoints in the surrounding space.

DUNE is characterized by a high level of craftsmanship and elegant details. Textiles and finishes vary from thick weaves to fine leather. Cushions vary in sizes, contributing to the rich and versatile nature of DUNE.

Durlet (BE)

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